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Fees & Costs

Legal Fees:

The firm charges legal fees based upon the type of case or matter and depending upon the client’s needs.

Legal fees are charged in one of four ways:

  1. Hourly Rate: Mr. Holcomb charges $350.00 per hour for standard legal representation and litigation matters. Minimum, nonrefundable retainers are usually required in order to secure Mr. Holcomb’s services and availability.
  2. Flat Fee: Some matters, especially smaller matters with a low monetary value, are handled on a flat fee basis. Mr. Holcomb may agree to handle certain matters from beginning to end for a set fee agreed upon by the client.
  3. Contingency Fee: Some matters, especially personal injury matters, may be handled on a contingency basis. Mr. Holcomb will agree to take a specific percentage of the money received if he wins or settles the matter out of court. If Mr. Holcomb does not collect any money for the client, the client owes no fees.
  4. Hybrid Fee: This is when a certain flat fee or hourly fee may be charged for a matter, plus a certain percentage of the recovery (contingency). Ask Mr. Holcomb to explain this to you if you are interested in this type of fee agreement.


Costs or expenses are the other charges involved in the handling of your legal matter. The client, not the lawyer, is usually responsible for paying most costs. These are costs that are in addition to legal fees. Costs may include things such as filing fees, investigator fees, administrative fees, and similar. Please ask Mr. Holcomb to explain costs and fees if you have any questions.