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Experienced Collection Attorney Serving Phoenix and Scottsdale

Representing the rights of creditors in Arizona

Mr. Holcomb, a seasoned collection lawyer in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and entire metro area, and owner of the Holcomb Law Firm, helps creditors obtain payments on loans and debts. Mr. Holcomb delivers prompt, efficient and tangible results to creditors. Mr. Holcomb works hard to deliver solutions that fully adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Using the law

The Holcomb Law Firm helps creditors who have experienced significant frustration attempting to collect debt. Many times, creditors believe that they will be able to resolve the problem on their own, using available means that seem apparent: a letter requesting payment, a phone call asking for an explanation, a proposed meeting. Unfortunately, these measures rarely produce the desired results.

Creditors may then seek the help of collection agencies. Collection agencies aim to collect debt while receiving commission from creditors on the amount collected. Collection agencies are rarely successful in securing payments from debtors. Collection agencies lack the legal muscle and ability required to obtain judgments and enforce payments through post-judgment collection actions approved by the courts and law in Arizona. Typical tactics of collection agencies involve contacting debtors by phone and mail. The aggressive and unprofessional approach of many collection agencies has led to many restrictions on what they are allowed to do, which are detailed in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

As a licensed attorney and Phoenix debt collector, Mr. Holcomb understands that the law delivers results for creditors. Before filing a lawsuit, Mr. Holcomb’s law firm may negotiate with a debtor before filing a lawsuit (depending on the client’s needs and wishes). If negotiations fail to bring results, then Mr. Holcomb will file a lawsuit seeking a judgment on the amount owed.

From there, Mr. Holcomb uses his legal experience and all available legal remedies to secure payments from debtors. Some solutions may involve locating hidden assets, garnishments of wages and seizure/levy of bank accounts, and seizure of real and personal property. If you are frustrated by unsuccessful attempts to recover debts and monies owed, contact a seasoned collection lawyer in Phoenix, Alan Holcomb at the Holcomb Law Firm.

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